Scarves and paintings


sherard painting photo-cropped

Mom taught me the color wheel before I knew the alphabet.

Although I attended several art schools, I credit my mother, an interior designer, as being my best teacher. Our living room was a fascinating, ever-changing arrangement of textile collages, consisting of small groupings of fabric, rug, and wallpaper samples. The different colors, textures, and patterns captivated me, teaching me how to think in color schemes, scales, and patterns for different people.

For the past 30 years, I have been creating hand-painted silk scarves. Currently, I am also creating custom paintings and painting collages that resonate with people and their home. It is my wish that my paintings offer a window into a restorative sanctuary, with some joy and soulfulness.


sherard mixing

"Waves with Gold Sand"
painting with hand-sewn cloth border, 6ft x 8ft

For: La Mesa Elementary School
Reading Room
Location: Seaside, California
Completed: May 2018


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